Crisis Communication Simulation

Every crisis is different, but one thing is sure: they are difficult to predict. The cornerstone of crisis communication is readiness for situations that could harm your company’s reputation. An important aspect of preparedness is practicing communication scenarios that may arise unexpectedly. In a crisis communication simulation, how your company can practice responding to a crisis in a realistic scenario.

In crisis communication simulation we test how effectively your organization would respond to a crisis. The simulation helps prepare for how to act during a crisis. Based on the feedback, you can strengthen your communication strategy and incorporate unexpected situations into your communication plan.

The crisis communication simulation exercise aims to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your company’s communication in surprising situations. At the same time, we test how well your organization’s internal communication operates amid a crisis.

In the simulation, our communications consultants, who have backgrounds in journalism, provide training to your company representatives on how to receive and respond to negative attention. The training is designed to create as realistic conditions as possible so that your staff can practice keeping a cool head when facing constant media attention and even pressure. Additionally, Republic’s experts can simultaneously test your company’s readiness for social media crises.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is about preparing for situations that, ideally, should never occur. If a crisis is not anticipated, the situation can escalate rapidly and stain the company’s reputation. Anticipating potential damage to reputation through a well-prepared crisis communication plan and training is always advisable.

Crisis Communication Plan

A well-planned approach is half the battle won, particularly in crisis communication. A crisis communication plan ensures that one doesn’t need to come up with solutions when something unpleasant has already occurred. Essential in crisis readiness is documenting communication measures, responsibilities, and roles in emergencies and regularly reviewing these with key personnel.

Crisis Communication Training

Crisis communication training supports the implementation of the communication plan. It delves into the various stages of a crisis in detail. We determine what can and should be communicated, who communicates, when communications occur, and what kinds of questions different crises might raise. The goal is to ensure that your company’s key personnel know what to do when a crisis strikes.

Media Training

Media training examines the state of the Finnish media and delves into the types of news they desire. We coach your organization’s key personnel on how to interact with the media and help them understand why the media covers specific topics. Media training enables your company’s representatives to confidently engage with the press, even in exceptional circumstances.

01 Our Communication Consultants Help Prepare for Crisis

Republic’s experienced communications consultants understand the anatomy of a crisis, enabling them to effectively coach your company in navigating negative publicity. When a crisis occurs, your company’s key personnel must know the steps to take.

Our communications consultants provide your experts with training on how to respond to journalists even when they call to inquire about unpleasant matters.

Your company’s expertise is strengthened when spokespeople can handle exceptional situations professionally.

02 Incorporating Crisis Communication into Communication Strategy

The communication strategy defines who, what, and why communication is conducted. It encapsulates the fundamental purpose of your organization’s operations.

The crisis communication plan is based on the communication strategy, establishing readiness for effective and timely emergency communication.

Our experts help your company develop a strategy that also addresses reputational damage.

03 Social Media Uproar or Crisis?

A social media storm is not the same as a crisis permeating the entire organization, but it can escalate into one. Our experts help you understand whether it’s just a storm in a teacup or a real crisis.

Preparing your company’s social media strategy and content plan for potential setbacks is advisable.

In social media coaching, we coach your organization’s representatives to showcase their expertise on social media and avoid social media pitfalls even during a crisis.

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