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The internal launch of the Port of Helsinki’s new strategy succeeded through employee engagement, storytelling, and gamification. For external launch, we created the brand concept “Along Every Journey,” emphasizing the port’s role in people’s everyday lives.


The Port of Helsinki updated its strategy and collaborated with Republic to articulate it and engage its staff in crafting inspiring messaging. The port’s significance needed to be narrated in a way that would resonate clearly with all target audiences, from consumers to partners.

It was essential to begin with an internal launch so the staff would embrace the strategy first. A key challenge was how to engage the staff in an inspiring manner.


The internal launch involved engaging employees in open design workshops, creating a strategy dictionary, and gamifying the strategy. For the external launch, we developed a new brand concept, “Along Every Journey,” highlighting the port’s role in everyone’s daily lives, from everyday goods to leisure trips to a more sustainable future.

To support understanding of the new strategy, we produced a strategy dictionary, and to reinforce understanding and enthusiasm, we gamified the strategy. We designed the game and its textual content and coordinated the technical implementation with an external partner. Through the game, the strategy rollout succeeded both internally and externally. The strategy was perceived as understandable and significant.

To support the new brand concept, we clarified the Port of Helsinki’s brand identity through messaging and visuals to convey information and emotion more strongly. The updated brand highlights the key elements of the strategy. A new image concept and brand images ensure that Helsinki Port’s visuals and sub-messages tell the same story. The updated logo, font, colors, and visual elements clarify the brand and bring it up to date.

The design workshops were planned in collaboration with the client to ensure the gathered data were relevant and the staff could be engaged. The fundamentals of the brand renewal were also created through collaboration.


The goal was for all willing staff members to contribute to shaping the communication of the strategy and for the entire staff to internalize the new strategy through the game. The strategy game was so well-received that it was also incorporated into the orientation of future employees.

The engagement objectives were achieved, and the reception of the new strategy was positive. The new visual identity aligned with the messaging of the new strategy and supported its implementation.

The campaign was executed within the planned budget and schedule with the support of tight account management and project management. We budgeted separately for each phase and closely monitored cost realization.

100 %

management commitment to strategy implementation


of the staff played the strategy game

~ 20 %

of staff participated in engagement workshops


key terms were translated for staff to support operations

“The collaboration and communication with Republic went exceptionally well. They managed to ignite enthusiasm for the new strategy and its articulation even among initially less enthusiastic members of our team. The result has received widespread acclaim.”

Eeva Hietanen, Communications Manager, Port of Helsinki

Photos: Jussi Hellsten

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