Crisis communication

When a crisis strikes, the company’s reputation is tested. Every crisis is different, but one thing is sure: they are difficult to predict.

Unpreparedness for a crisis can escalate quickly and leave an unpleasant stain on the company’s reputation for a long time. Anticipating potential damage to reputation with good crisis communication training and planning is always worthwhile.

Our training teaches your organization to manage media attention during a crisis and to act effectively and calmly. Crisis communication training covers the phases of a crisis, communication strategies, and responses to questions that arise during a crisis.

Crisis Communication Plan

A well-planned approach is halfway to success – this holds especially true for crisis communication. This way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when something unpleasant has already happened. In crisis preparedness, it is crucial to document the communication measures, responsibilities, and roles in exceptional situations and regularly review them with key individuals.

Crisis Communication Training

In crisis communication training, we go through the different phases of a crisis. We determine what can and should be communicated, who communicates and when, and what kinds of questions various crises may raise. The goal is to ensure that key personnel in your company know what to do if a crisis occurs.

A crisis faced by a company can damage its reputation. Skillful communication during a crisis can turn negative attention into an advantage and strengthen your company’s reputation.

Crisis Communication Simulation

Practice makes perfect. Our simulation provides your company with an opportunity to practice crisis communication in a realistic environment to identify potential weaknesses and reinforce your strategy. We train your company and its representatives to handle negative attention and maintain composure during a crisis when media attention is continuous and even pressing. Additionally, social media crisis readiness can be tested.

Media Training

In media training, we examine the state of the Finnish media and delve into what kinds of news outlets are looking for. We train key personnel in your organization to interact with the media and help them understand why the media covers specific topics.

01 We Help You Navigate Through a Crisis

Our experienced communication consultants understand the anatomy of a crisis and can guide your company through media pitfalls. When a crisis strikes, it’s essential that your company’s key personnel are prepared to face the media, even in unfavorable circumstances.

Our communication consultants coach your experts to respond to journalists, even when they call to inquire about unpleasant matters. When your organization’s representatives handle exceptional situations professionally, it strengthens your company’s expertise.

02 Communication Strategy

A communication strategy defines who, what, and why you communicate. It encapsulates the core purpose of your organization’s operations.

The crisis communication plan is based on the communication strategy, creating readiness for effective and timely communication in exceptional situations. Our experts help your company create a strategy that also takes into account reputation management.

03 Social Media Controversies

Controversies and crises often originate on social media, but a social media controversy doesn’t necessarily equate to a crisis affecting the entire organization. Our experts assist in understanding when it’s a storm in a teacup and a real crisis. It’s advisable to prepare for potential setbacks in your company’s social media strategy and content plan.

In social media training, we coach your organization’s representatives to showcase their expertise on social media and avoid pitfalls, even during a crisis.

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