Media training

Earned media is a communicative means to highlight a company’s and its personnel’s expertise. Before offering an organization’s representatives for media interviews, it is important to prepare them for it. Kaimana provides tailored communication and media training for members of corporate leadership teams, communication professionals, and staff.

In media training, we educate spokespersons in your organization to become skilled speakers in interview situations, train them to interact with the media and help them understand why the media covers specific topics.

During the training, we explore the current state of the media in Finland and examine what kind of news the editorial teams are looking for. We discuss which topics to approach journalists with and how to do it, as well as the trends influencing the operations of newsrooms today.

The goal is to grow confidence in interview situations and alleviate the nervousness that inevitably comes with encountering the media. Above all, media training aims to remind us that journalists are also people, and human and empathetic interaction can go a long way.


Media training prepares key personnel of your company for an interview conducted by a journalist. In practice sessions, topics include how to act in a print interview, the rights of the interviewee, and what mistakes to avoid.

Presentation Training

In presentation training, various aspects of being in front of a television camera are covered, from body language to the impact of clothing choices. The training involves practicing stating one’s message clearly and succinctly so that one can remember it in real situations.

Earned Media Visibility

Our communication consultants understand how the media operates and can identify newsworthy topics and phenomena related to your activities. We help raise the profile of your organization’s experts and strengthen your company’s position as an industry leader.

Crisis Communication

Reputation management involves continuous dialogue with your organization’s audience. Occasionally, issues that could harm your reputation may arise. We help you to meet these issues with crisis communication planning and training. Skilled communication during a crisis can turn negative attention into an opportunity and enhance your company’s reputation.

Crisis communication includes theoretical training of your company’s staff and practical crisis communication simulation exercises to test your crisis readiness thoroughly.

01 Skilled communication experts

Our experienced communication consultants understand how the media operates and can identify newsworthy topics. They help your company build lasting relationships with the constantly evolving media landscape. Our team includes former journalists and experts in more traditional corporate communication.

Our communication team helps your company’s representatives deal with the media in favorable and challenging situations, allowing you to utilize earned media as part of your communication strategy. The goal is strengthening your organization’s expertise and supporting your commercial success.

02 From planning to execution

Earned media only comes with planning and as a surprise. Consider its potential in your communication plan.

Our communication consultants assist in creating your company’s communication plan when your resources are insufficient, or you need an external perspective.

03 Social media training for experts

Increasing the appeal of your company’s experts as interviewees can be achieved through their active presence on social media.

In our social media training, we coach your experts to showcase their expertise, personality, and knowledge in various channels while avoiding the pitfalls of social media.

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