FCA campaign encourages finding the power of influence

Founded in 1947, Finn Church Aid (FCA) is Finland’s most significant development cooperation organization and the second-largest provider of disaster relief. FCA operates in crisis areas worldwide, where help is most needed. 


FCA faced the challenge of its sub-brands, such as “A Different Gift” and “Women’s Bank,” being significantly more well-known than the leading brand. The public held erroneous and negative perceptions of the organization’s activities, and a weak financial situation coupled with government cuts to development aid threatened the scope of relief operations. 

FCA needed a long-term marketing communication concept that would not only clarify the brand image among non-active donors but also effectively and insightfully engage the public with its values and mission. 


Traditional fundraising campaigns have aimed to appeal to compassion by emphasizing the concreteness and tangibility of the need. There is always a benefactor in a good position and a recipient in a poor position. The core of Republic’s solution was the insight that there is no chasm between donors and aid recipients. We are all one big family who believes that actions can improve the world. 

At the same time, we conveyed to donors and others interested in the activities that, despite its name, Finn Church Aid is a community for like-minded individuals: we cannot control the world, but we can lead our own thinking. To generate action, we must create belief in the ability to think positively. If we don’t believe in ourselves, the world cannot change.   

Finn Church Aid is a community of the relentless. Its mission is to bring hope and provide opportunities where needed. Together with donors and local workers, FCA delivers the prerequisites for life. The solid main message emphasizes courage and positivity amidst uncertainty. The goal was to highlight that everyone can impact the world with small actions. 

Republic created a marketing communication concept, including message development, visual identity refinement, and campaign planning. In the first phase of the two-part brand campaign, we aimed to reposition FCA in a new way and strengthen its central message. 

Listen the campaign’s radio spot (in Finnish).

In the campaign’s second phase, we emphasize more tactical messages encouraging action. We ambitiously defined the campaign’s target audience as all Finns, especially those for whom helping others and neighborly love are core values. 

We aim to raise Finn Church Aid awareness throughout Finland and help people internalize FCA and its promises. The campaign began in May 2024 and will continue well into the fall.  

“The campaign has started incredibly well! We have already received a lot of positive feedback; this concept truly works.”

Emma Salminen, marketing specialist

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