Communication plan

We at Republic are professional communicators specializing in commercial communications. Our mission in collaboration with our clients is to design effective communication strategies that drive business growth. Every business has multiple motives for communication, and together we can delineate these objectives. A communication plan aims to earn media coverage and strengthen the business’s position as a trailblazer.

Businesses operate in a constantly evolving environment. While media consumption is at an all-time high, audiences are concurrently dispersed across numerous channels. Today, understanding your audience is paramount, and reaching your target audience forms the foundation of a successful communication plan. Earned media coverage, peer reviews, and recommendations significantly influence impressions, reputation, and attitudes toward your business.

The key to successful communication is a well-crafted communication plan that assists the business in defining its core messages and systematically disseminating them to the relevant audience at optimal times. Communication is an ongoing process, not a one-off task.

When creating communication strategies for our clients, we prioritize measuring from the very first step. It’s important to define how the communication efforts will be tracked and assessed. An integral aspect of the communication plan involves establishing goals and performance indicators aligned with these goals. These tools showcase the effectiveness of the communication efforts.

Communication strategy

Successful communication thrives when clear reasoning for communication exists. As communication professionals, it is crucial for us to discover the ultimate purpose of your business, enabling us to uncover new opportunities and objectives. The business’s purpose defines whom we communicate with and why. A successful communication plan is based on a well-crafted communication strategy.

Reputation management and crisis communication

Reputation management is an ongoing dialogue with the organization’s audience. Occasionally, unforeseen issues arise that could potentially harm reputation. In such instances, we assist in mitigating damage through a functional crisis communication plan and training. Ideally, skillful communication during a crisis can reverse negative attention, strengthening the company’s reputation.

Earned media coverage

Our communication consultants understand media operations and have the ability to identify newsworthy topics and trends relevant to your business. Through communication we assist you in introducing your company’s professionals to the relevant audiences, fortifying your position as a pioneer in your field.

Social media

Our proficient team ensures your business narrative resonates consistently across social media platforms. Whether you require a comprehensive social media strategy, heightened awareness and visibility, or daily content creation, we formulate a tailored communication plan to fulfill your needs.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of the field of social media influencers, enabling us to identify individuals capable of captivating your target audience. Social media communication is easily measurable and productive, often yielding higher returns compared to other media investments.

01 Finland’s foremost communications professionals

Our experienced and award-winning communication consultants excel at orchestrating the bigger picture and identifying the communication-worthy elements essential for goal-oriented communication plans.

Our communication team supports day-to-day operations and strategic communication initiatives to enhance your business’s reputation and commercial success.

02 From planning to execution

As the adage goes, well planned is half done – this also rings true for communication.

Our communication consultants are at your service, helping create communication plans whenever you require additional expertise or insights.

03 Media training makes a difference

An efficient communication plan garners media interest, often leading to interviews with company representatives.

Our communication consultants are well-versed in editorial procedures, enabling them to cultivate enduring relationships with media professionals.

Our media training shapes your key representatives into adept performers and speakers, skillfully handling interviews and other media engagements.

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