PR & media relations

PR and media relations are a way to become the loudspeaker of your industry, one which journalists contact when looking for interviewees and sources. Our job at Republic is to ensure that PR and media relations support your company’s business. Together, we plan the most characteristic ways for your organization to approach the media and stand out in earned media.

One possibility to seize the leading role in one’s industry is to do something new, significant, and world-changing every week; month after month and year after year. The downside is that this costs – a lot. Most of the time, something genuinely newsworthy emerges from the company’s operations a few times a year: a business deal, a big launch, or a decision that shakes the entire industry. These are the highlights of the year, for which news coverage is understandably coveted.

Fortunately, the opportunity to talk about your own business, new services, or changes in the industry is not limited to just these few moments. Republic has a convincing track record of building news based on consumer or research data, useful info tips, or interesting personal stories. In addition to the highlights of the year, we can make the communications plan cover the whole year by utilizing these.

Whether it’s about launching a new product or utilizing research data, our communications consultants with a journalistic background help filter the essentials. They know what interests the media, understand your core messages and know how to make them newsworthy in order to garner maximum visibility in earned media.


The key to achieving media visibility is identifying what makes your organization’s topic newsworthy and building a message based on that. When a company has figured out why it is important to discuss a particular issue, it is necessary to determine its broader meaning. It is also important to ask why the journalist feels it is essential to report on the topic. Results-oriented newsification opens up a new way for the company to stay relevant.

Media events

When there is big news to report, or the goal is to provide many journalists with information and a thrilling experience, a media event is an excellent way to reach journalists. Republic has a long track record of organizing successful media events. We can also invite journalists to background events where, under the guidance of your organization’s experts, we delve into a specific topic in more detail. In this way, journalists become familiar with your company’s experts, which lowers the threshold of contacting them later.

Delivery of products for testing

The Finnish media swears by the ban on hidden advertising, which is why getting the company’s products featured in the media is very challenging solely through press releases. The journalist must hands-on certify that the product is as good as advertised before they can publicly declare its excellence. Republic has worked with leading brands in e.g. the technology and food industries for a long time, so our communications consultants know the relevant product-testing journalists. We know to whom products should be delivered for testing.

Communications plan

The communications plan aims to earn the organization visibility in the media and strengthen its role as a trendsetter. The management of PR and media relations is a crucial part of the communications plan because earned visibility in the media is a solid way to influence company image, reputation, and attitudes. PR and media relations management is based on a carefully prepared communications plan, which allows the organization’s main messages to be brought to the right audience at the right moment. Republic’s reactive industry monitoring helps to keep the plan up-to-date even during changes.

01 Sharp news spearhead leads the way

Journalists may only take a few seconds to decide whether a topic should go in the trash or is worth looking into further. Our communications consultants know how to refine messages so that their news value is clear and the news spearhead is immediately apparent from the headline. We help your organization sharpen the newsworthiness and avoid marketing jargon that kills interest in the bud.

02 Core messages follow in the wake

Publicity just for the sake of publicity is rarely what you strive for. First and foremost, your company’s interest is to get out messages that help grow the business. When a news headline earns an opportunity for the company to be heard, the words must be chosen carefully. Our communications consultants, who specialize in commercial communications, tailor the presented message to serve your company’s business goals.

03 Media relations are created on trust

Media communication is a business of trust: the company trusts the agency in creating successful communication, the agency trusts the journalist, who in turn trusts the company as a reliable source of information. Trust builds close professional relationships, based on which journalists can be sure that all communicated information stands true.

You can’t buy trust; you have to earn it. Through years of determined work, Republic has gained a reputation of trustworthiness: our communications consultants have connections to national media and a large part of industry media.

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