Market and target audience understanding

Successful brands, impactful communication, and effective marketing are built on a strong understanding of the market and target audience. At Republic, we combine researched data with expert insights. We provide customized consumer and market research that not only enhances market and target audience understanding but also improves your business operations.

Target audience understanding is crucial for creating value, as it allows us to narrow down our audience more precisely and engage with customers in a resonant manner in a rapidly changing world. Research is an investment that pays off, offering valuable information about consumer values, motives, and behavior, guiding decision-making in business development.

We gain market and target audience understanding through proven methods and tools. Backed by diverse researched data, we tailor our research to meet client needs, refining findings collaboratively to ensure insights support planning. In addition to market and target audience studies, we design and conduct studies and surveys on topics such as corporate social responsibility and other relevant issues.

Consumer research

Consumer research provides essential information about desired target groups. We plan, execute, and analyze studies using quantitative and qualitative methods such as surveys and individual or group interviews, always tailored to the client’s needs.

Market research

Market research provides information about the market and competitors to support decision-making. At Republic, we understand the importance of considering the competitive landscape and positioning within it. We explore the market with agile methods, identifying potential gaps and themes that your company can leverage.

Research information

Open data and research information are valuable for planning, offering comprehensive insights into the market, target audiences, or competitors. With the right tools and an extensive network, we make relevant observations using open data and statistics from various sources.

Social listening

Social listening is a professional skill that helps acquire tacit knowledge and understanding of current trends and topics. Our experts monitor industry-related media discussions, enhancing your ability to respond to issues within the news window.

01 Curious minds discover – and hear

Effective marketing communication is built on quality insights into who we are communicating with, what interests them, and how we position ourselves in relation to competitors. At Republic, we harness curiosity as our superpower, finding perspectives for communication that did not exist yesterday.

02 Harness data to support decision-making

Reinventing the wheel is not always necessary – hence, market and target audience understanding is achieved through researched data. Republic’s experts advocate for solutions based on data and researched information.

03 Utilize relevant research methods and tools

Maximize the benefits of research data by employing the right qualitative and quantitative research methods and tools, such as interviews and surveys. As our client, you can trust our experts to tailor studies to your specific needs, choosing relevant methods and approaches.

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