Influencer Marketing

Ideally, influencer marketing resembles top-tier word-of-mouth advertising. A recommendation or review from a friend holds significantly more impact than any company’s marketing efforts ever could. According to numerous studies, 61 percent of consumers place their trust in recommendations provided by influencers when contemplating the purchase of a product or service.

Commercial communication drives product and service sales, enhancing visibility and exposure to potential customers and stakeholders. Communication is disseminated through various channels, encompassing all earned and purchased media platforms. Commercial communication takes on diverse forms, including traditional communication, PR, marketing and sales promotion. Influencer marketing plays a pivotal role in PR and communication strategies, given its measurability and effectiveness.

Ideally, influencer marketing yields an ROI (Return on Investment) unmatched by any other market. Hence, influencer marketing should be integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy.

At Republic, we offer consulting services for both existing and potential new clients. We are not an influencer management agency; instead, we comprehend the challenges our clients might encounter and assist in identifying relevant influencers for their businesses.

Consequently, we are not limited to a specific group of influencers but can identify influencers suitable for the right brands. In influencer marketing, we do not rely solely on intuition; instead, we base our decisions on data.

Influencer marketing strategy and training

The target audience lies at the heart of an influencer marketing strategy. Without a well-crafted strategy, effective and authentic influencer marketing that resonates with the desired target audience is nearly unattainable. As communication and marketing professionals, it is imperative for us to understand our client’s needs and devise an influencer strategy that aligns with the overall vision and mission of the business.

Execution of influencer marketing campaigns

Our expertise lies in identifying meaning. We pinpoint the appropriate individuals for your brand and execute influencer campaigns that allow the numbers to speak for themselves, not to mention the inherent authenticity. The reports we generate are consistent and informative. We adhere to a uniform reporting model, assisting our clients in comprehending the most crucial metrics.

Influencer mapping

Our influencer marketing is always data-driven. We do not rely solely on intuition; rather, we substantiate our choices with relevant numbers, concurrently crafting compelling, authentic, and thought-provoking content. We are not an influencer management agency. Instead, we empathize with the challenges our clients might encounter and help identify the relevant influencers for their businesses.

Strategic planning and creative concepts

Influencer marketing is suitable for businesses across diverse sectors. Whether you run a multinational technology company or a family-owned flower shop, we possess the ideal influencer marketing plan to meet your requirements. Our co-design approach enables synergy with other professionals within our company, allowing us to provide you with a comprehensive creative solution.

01 We understand what truly works

Our influencer marketing professionals have extensive experience from various business cases at Republic and their previous roles. Our consultants possess a profound understanding of distinct characteristics in different business fields. They are well-versed in the kind of content that resonates best in each market and are attuned to current trends.

Our focus is not on quick profits but on establishing enduring influencer marketing collaborations, identifying genuine compatibility with brands, and nurturing a seamless business continuum between companies and influencers.

Our 360-model office provides clients with synergistic benefits, given our thorough comprehension of diverse business landscapes.

02 Up-to-date information always accessible

We excel at identifying influencers that other agencies may overlook. We leverage a market-leading analytic tool for influencer marketing campaign design, management, and reporting.

Our flexibility in working with a broad spectrum of influencers ensures a diverse influencer network within Finland.

03 We support influencer marketing from the brief to the report

Transparency underpins all our operations. When you partner with us, you will be informed about the compensation received by influencers, as all influencer marketing costs are covered for the client and subsequently invoiced.

Our influencer marketing consultants stand by you throughout the project, from the initial brief to elucidating reports and metrics. As our client, you will never be alone crafting influencer marketing endeavors.

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