Conseptual Desing

Conceptual design produces consistent and audience-relevant actions, campaigns, content, and visibility for a brand. At Republic, we design and execute memorable concepts across channels, bringing desired efficiency to branding.

When data merges with insight and creativity meets experience, ideas that can change the world are born. For us at Republic, curiosity is an asset. It helps us discover unique ideas and build impactful concepts that achieve goals and resonate with the target audience.

Our mission is to understand challenges and objectives, tirelessly explore target audiences and the surrounding world, and create unique and powerful messages and solutions that make an impact.

We generate channel-agnostic ideas and shape them into concepts, campaigns, and individual creative solutions.

Big idea

Big idea encapsulates the essence of the brand and brings efficiency to all activities. For us, it means attention-grabbing, differentiating from competitors, and memorable core messages based on genuine insights. It reflects the emotions evoked by the brand, establishes a connection, and inspires the audience.


A Concept is a consistent and relevant way for a brand to communicate a central idea or distinguishing factor to the target audience. For us, it means a channel-agnostic way of conveying the idea consistently, recognizably, and through various channels. Depending on goals, a concept can manifest in brand actions, campaigns, social and online content, and ongoing visibility.

Campaign planning

Campaign planning includes both paid and earned media. Generally, it involves defining goals and target audiences, creating a message, designing a visually appealing identity that supports the message, and producing campaign materials for selected media.

Creative Channel and Media Solutions

Creative Channel and Media Solutions are essential for delivering the message. The right solutions support the brand’s goals and concept while reaching the target audience in a way that resonates with them. Our chosen solutions consider resources, target audience characteristics, and aim to stand out, grab attention, and deliver results.

01 Curiosity is an Powerful Asset

We at Republic believe that curiosity about the surrounding world is an asset. Curiosity leads to timely and unique ideas from which we build concepts that resonate with the target audience and achieve goals.

02 Challenges and Objectives in Data

The best concepts combine researched data and creativity. Republic’s experienced experts understand your company’s challenges and objectives, shaping solutions that best serve your brand by blending data and current trends.

03 Right Channel and Media Solutions Deliver the Message

Powerful and impactful messages reach their audience when channels and solutions are chosen correctly. We select channels considering the unique characteristics of the target audience, ensuring solutions support the brand’s goals and the created concept.

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