Building a Brand

Building a brand starts with business understanding and strategic thinking. Impactful brand stories rely on a strong understanding of meaning, seamlessly connecting business and people into a cohesive whole. At Republic, we build influential brands, help them stand out from competitors, and provide customers with reasons to choose them.

A brand is the reputation of a company, product, or service — it’s what sets it apart. But, a brand doesn’t exist without a relationship with the customer. No one commits to a brand purely based on facts or rational arguments; there’s got to be an emotional connection and meaning.

Understanding what a brand represents and offers generates value. Desire and customer loyalty are cultivated when a brand can communicate its values and provide desired experiences. That’s why the brand is one of the company’s most crucial competitive advantages.

We are a full-service brand agency, mastering the entire spectrum from planning brand strategies to perfecting the little details. Whether it’s starting from scratch or renewing the brand, we create brands that not only attract customers but also resonate with the company’s own staff.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is a comprehensive plan that guides all brand-related activities. It gives the brand meaning and includes its goals, values, target audience, communication, marketing, and other strategic elements. The strategy forms a solid foundation for all operations and helps align everyone towards the same objectives.

Brand identity

Brand identity builds a consistent, recognizable, and meaningful brand consistently and purposefully. It covers various factors and elements that together define the brand. Key elements of brand identity include the brand or company name, story, visual elements, communication style (tone-of-voice and tone-of-behavior), sound, and customer experience.

Visual identity

Visual identity is an effective tool for brand distinctiveness, recognizability, and communication. A consistent visual line makes the brand instantly recognizable and conveys emotions and symbolic meanings that words alone cannot communicate. Visual identity is part of brand identity and includes all visual elements related to the brand, such as the logo, colors, typography, graphic elements, and image style.

Brand renewal

Brand renewal breathes new life into the brand in a changing world. Often, renewal seeks change in position, name, brand concept, visual appearance, communication style, or other strategic definitions. The reasons for the need for renewal usually stem from market or internal company changes and the effort to meet consumer expectations.

01 Creating Timeless and Impactful Brand Stories

We create impactful brand stories rooted in a strong understanding of meaning. We seamlessly connect business, people, and brands, using communication methods that effectively convey our message.

02 Business Understanding and Strategic Core

A strong brand produces value for the company and acts as a competitive advantage. At Republic, we assist your organization in identifying what the brand represents and offers. Under the guidance of our experts, you communicate your brand’s values effectively and offer desired experiences to the right audiences.

03 Unique Brand Elements Create a Standout Brand

A brand isn’t a brand without a recognizable and consistent brand identity and its elements. Our designers, who have worked with several top brands, create visual elements that suit your company’s brand, refine your brand story into a gem, and communicate it effectively to the world.

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