Holiday Club

A completely new concept was built to support sales goals and brand development.

The Client

Holiday Club is a leading operator of the traveling industry in Finland and a well-known company for its spa hotels and holiday accommodations located all over Finland, all the way from Saimaa to Salla. Besides spa hotels, their many resorts provide diverse restaurant and leisure services as well as high-quality holiday homes.

The Challenge

Due to Holiday Clubs’ versatile supply, it is important the company can speak to its target groups around Finland. To ensure business growth and to support brand development, Holiday Club needed facts about its current situation. They wanted to know how people see their brand and what kind of aspects and experiences their customers have. Kaimana was selected to conduct a brand survey, of which results would answer the customer’s questions.

The Solution

The survey was carried out with the lead of Kaimana, who had experience in how concepts based on strategic findings develop both the brand and achieve concrete sales goals. The process included brand surveys, client forms, and interviews with Holiday Club’s own personnel.

Based on the study, potential scenarios for the development of the brand and customer experience were built. First, Holiday Club’s tactical concepts were updated and we created a completely new concept for the summer of 2020 – Ihan Suomessa.

The concept was built to support both the summer sales goals as well as broader brand development work. The purpose of the Ihan Suomessa concept was also to take into account the special situation caused by the coronavirus, that burst in the spring of 2020, which would have a strong impact on all tourism.

The Results

The outcome of fact-based and careful design work was an insightful and fresh concept that was a tribute to domestic traveling and combined the services of the Holiday Club into an essential part of the summer vacation. The main goal of the Ihan Suomessa campaign is to make Holiday Club’s versatile and high-quality services to Finnish people and note that the offered destinations are the best place for families with children to experience the uniqueness of Finnish summer.

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