From electronics to lifestyle – commercial PR developed brand image and built awareness.

The client

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a South Korean conglomerate Samsung Group subsidiary. It is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. The vast product family includes, for example, televisions, smartphones, home appliances, audio devices, and wearable smart devices. Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969.

The challenge

Operating in the Nordic market, Samsung Electronics Nordic is responsible for local product and brand marketing for the entire range of consumer electronics. The client’s goal was to create more interest and visibility for the product portfolio through earned media and communication. In addition to supporting new product launches, the goal was also to strengthen their position as the most attractive electronics brand in the Nordics and as the industry’s chairman and to increase brand relevance among local audiences. There was also a need to publicly highlight themes that are important to the company, such as innovation in new technology, in which Samsung is in many ways a pioneer.

The solution

Republic was a virtual extension of Samsung Electronics Nordic’s communications and marketing organization. The partnership was built on commercial PR concepts and campaigns that run alongside always-on daily communications, including influencer marketing, content production, events, and other actions that created buzz in the market.

In cooperation with Samsung Electronics Nordic, we implemented the narrative specific to each product category through PR and earned media tactics. Whether it’s smartphones or TVs, Samsung always has something interesting to say. In the case of smartphones, technological pioneering is emphasized, which is concretely reflected in the rise of foldable smartphones and the Galaxy ecosystem that connects smart devices. The TVs feature the most versatile range on the market, with a suitable design for every space: lifestyle TV models fit into all kinds of interiors indoors and outdoors.

The main storyline, however, comes down to the entire product portfolio: Samsung is present at all points of contact in our everyday life from work to leisure and thus a central part of our lifestyle.

“Republic’s professional team helped us to spar and build new, less typical PR openings in our industry, enabling us to talk to target groups that were previously more difficult to reach. We have received new perspectives and ideas for our PR work from them.”

Jouni Immonen
Product Marketing Manager

The results

During the first year of cooperation, Samsung Electronics Nordic achieved hundreds of earned media mentions for its products in Finland. During this period, Share of Voice in Finland was among the top in the Nordic countries. Being a well-known player in the market with high baseline visibility, the focus was on the quality of the visibility and the presentation of the brand and products in the right context.

Alongside the traditionally important technology media, PR angles were tailored for lifestyle, financial and news segments as well – brand ambassadors Kimi and Minttu Räikkönen, as well as data-driven market and trend reviews, received media attention, among other things. Awareness built through PR was further redeemed through stakeholder activation events and influencer marketing, which got consumers on the buying journey.

The meaning

Commercial meaning – Samsung brings the latest innovations in consumer electronics up for grabs through easily approachable and high-quality products, which fit perfectly together and are suitable for many styles and everyday lifestyles.

Deeper meaning – Finland has a high adoption rate of technology, and it has become a fixed part of our culture regarding productivity and self-expression. The availability and accessibility of innovative technology are a prerequisite for the development of society as a whole.

Shared meaning – Pioneering experience – we are working our finger on the pulse and on the crest of the industry wave. Being proud of Samsung both as an employee and as a consumer – we produce the best products in the world and use them with pride (Proud to Own).

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