The new brand strategy and story summed up the relevance of the company’s work.

The client

Gebwell is a company specialised in manufacturing, selling and developing heating and cooling products. The company’s headquarters and roots are located in Leppävirta, Northern Savolax in Finland. Finland is Gebwell’s main market area, but the company also operates in Sweden and Poland.

In Finland, Gebwell is a market leader in district heating products and it also has a really strong position in heat pump products.

The challenge

To speed up the process of growth and internationalization, Gebwell needed a partner to build up a new brand strategy and story so that it would achieve its goals both in Finland and abroad.

Heating solutions play a crucial role in achieving environmental goals in Finland and worldwide. Gebwell’s expertise is world-class, but awareness of the company and its solutions, except in Finland, was low. There was a need to staple together an ambitious vision, a real story and inner courage to head toward a cleaner world with the Northern professionalism. The industry needs collaboration between different operators, for which Gebwell can also be a vanguard.

The solution

The partnership began with thoroughly mapping the current situation and benchmarking the competitors’ marketing. In several co-design workshops, we worked through the key elements of the brand strategy, the story, and the core message. Along the way, it became apparent that Gebwell’s new story and brand strategy needed a new visual look, as the story would require particular warmth and humanity in its visual narrative.

One of the project’s key findings was what Gebwell has always represented and what they are known for: people that turn all the stones and stumps for their customers, and that Gebwell wants to be an essential part of a more significant change on the road to a cleaner future.

And so the idea of pure heat was born. Pure heat crystallizes all of Gebwell’s operations – what kind of products and solutions are developed and manufactured by them, and what kind of values are behind everything. Warm, genuine and respectful of others.

The new brand identity was also implemented on a multilingual website, which we designed from the needs of the target groups while keeping organic search engine traffic in mind.

The results

With the new brand strategy, visual look and story, Gebwell is better known as a company whose heat pump and district heating products can be enjoyed with a good conscience. Utilizing and using pure heat is an attitude, a climate act of a good mood.

More and more people are now favoring environmentally friendly heating options. The kind of that Gebwell offers. The company’s expertise is showing big in Finland but also abroad. Gebwell is looking for increasing growth in the international markets and aims to grow by more than 15 percent in the coming years.

The meaning

Pure warmth and its story bring meaning to every people at Gebwell. It tells us how important work is done at Leppävirta every day: a cleaner future is created with actions done together. One solution at a time.

Greater social significance emerges from the perspective of responsibility and how we can address the world’s energy challenges by building cleaner and more intelligent heating and cooling solutions.

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