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Republic Showroom is a completely new PR showroom that is combined of several spaces. The showroom adapts to many purposes and it offers customers both a more traditional showroom along with room for organizing all kinds of events.

Republic Showroom is centrally located on Annankatu in Helsinki. The showroom space serves journalists, bloggers, photographers, artists, stylists and opinion leaders. We lend our clients’ fashion, beauty, interior decoration, food and lifestyle products e.g. for testing and photography. The products are also available for photography on site. The products that have been lent through us are visible on a weekly basis in print and online media as well as in blogs.

The transformative over 200 square meter showroom consists of four different rooms and makes it possible for arranging different PR events, also due to its central location it is easy to visit. The showroom has been serving as a place for press events and it has hosted all kinds of related activities from Forza aerobics to a champagne bar and a coffee shop. It also has a branded media wall for photographers. Especially bloggers may utilize the wall while shooting costumes and clothes for example. We also have the tools available for professional photography if they are required.


The showroom offers clients a tailored package which includes two press days per year. During the press days the upcoming product lines are presented to the reporters, bloggers and stylists. Previous season’s lines are easily gotten rid of during a pre-press day flea market where it is possible to sell off products along with bloggers and opinion leaders. The flea market is an invite only event.

Republic Showroom can be a part of a wider communications service package; it may also be an independent showroom, or a separate project altogether. In addition to the showroom services ,we provide our clients with comprehensive communications services, briefings, reporter trips and various PR events domestically and internationally.


Republic Showroom
Annankatu 12, 3rd floor
00120 Helsinki

Media lend-outs:
+358 50 537 0210

More information about showroom:
Tiina Kopponen
+358 40 547 5796